Installing multiple USB/PCI modems

If you install multiple SAME model modems on one computer, you can get Driver Conflicts. These can manifest as the following behaviour of your computer:

  • Spontaneously reboots
  • Runs noticeably slower
  • Fails to Shutdown
  • Windows crashes or will not boot

These are almost never a symptom of a software fault. You can exchange the modem for a different model/revision or for a totally different modem by a different manufacturer.

For professional business use, we strongly recommend you use a professional telephony card (such as the Perle PCI-RAS and Mainpine IQ Express fax board).

How long will it take to complete my fax broadcasting campaign

The industry standard is one minute per page. This can vary significantly, dependent upon the complexity of the page as well as the speed and compression capabilities of the Fax machine that Blasting Fax Server sending to.

Generally, straight text documents take less than a minute, and documents with lots of logos or graphics take more than a minute; A 33.6kbps baud rate can send out a fax within 26 seconds and a 9600kbps will take about 1 minute. So, simply, if you are using a 2 port version of the Blasting Fax Server, you could fax 120(2*60) pages per hour. You can license additional lines/ports for the Blasting Fax Server to increase your fax speed.

Does Blasting Fax support Class 2.1? Why the transmission speed is less than 33.6kbps while faxing?

Blasting Fax Server is full compatible with Super G3 (also called v.34bis, Fax Class 2.1 capable) fax modems, which allows sending faxes at speeds greater than 33.3kbps when communicating with other Super G3 newer office fax machines or fax modems.

However, the transmission speed may be adjusted to the lower baud rate of the two fax lines. An example of this would be if the sending baud rate is 33600 and the receiving baud rate is 14400 then the transmission rate will be the 14400 baud rate.

How to setup my sip trunking in Blasting Fax Server?
  1. In the Blasting Fax Server Management Console, click on the "Configurations" node to expand the menu and then click on the "SIP Accounts" node.
  2. In the "New SIP Account" dialog, enter your sip details:
    SIP domain:
    Port: 5065
    User name and Auto. ID: your own User ID
    Password: NOT YOUR LOGIN PASSWORD, in the Babytel's Dashboard, go to Service -> SIP Parameters, click Show password
  3. Click "Save " button to add the account.
  4. Leave the "Advanced Settings" by default.
  5. Click "Restart Service" button to restart the Blasting Fax Service for the changes to take effect.

    Please note, all fax numbers in your fax campaign MUST be in the format: 1-area code-fax number, like 1-888-817-5555 or 14502480000
How to Restart/Resend a complete Fax Campaign
  1. In the Blasting Fax Server Management Console, click on the "Fax Campaigns" node
  2. Click to select the speficed Fax Campaign you would like to resend, click "Modify Campaign"
  3. In the modification page, check the "Reset Fax Status" checkbox
  4. Click "Save » " button
  5. Click "Send" button to restart the Fax Campaign
Why get a Table needs to be repaired for Project x error, how to fix it?

Usually, this problem occurs due to a power outage and could be fixed by:

Opening the URL in your web browser, then clicking the Repair Database button.