Fax Broadcasting Service providers often give people a false impression, it is too costly for you to manage your own fax broadcasting. It is a TOTAL LIE! Consider the following:

Most fax broadcasting service providers charge an initial set up fees, plus charge roughly 5-6 cents for each page that is faxed. If you fax 500 pages a day, then it will cost you $750 each month through a fax broadcast service. This translates to $9,100 each year! By performing your own fax broadcasting, you can save money within the first month!
Cost Fax Broadcasting Services Blasting Fax Server
Initial Setup Fee, varies ($50+) As low as $65
Monthly (10,000 faxes) $550 (at 5.5 cents per page) $20 (Unlimited nationwide calling plan)
Annual (12 monthes) $6600 $240 (Annual discount available)
Annual Cost $6650+ $305
Within one month of performing your own fax broadcasting, you will have already saved over $500, after 1 year you will have saved well over $6,000!